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To quote the MCPS:

" refers to the owner of the copyright in the sound recording and is followed by the date of the recording or re-mastering.

© refers to the product package, i.e. the compilation/order of tracks, the artwork, text used etc. and is followed by the date this was first created, usually the same year as release."

Examples most commonly used are: © 2011 CopyDog or &© 2011 CopyDog.

Many fonts have the © included [keyboard shortcut:Alt+0169 (hold down Alt while typing 0169 on the numeric keypad)] but very few have .

Windows users can find in the fonts: MS Reference 1 [Alt+0174 (hold down Alt while typing 0174 on the numeric keypad)] and ARIAL UNICODE MS [no keyboard shortcut or this one, you must use Windows Character Map [Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Character Map]

Alternatively download and install Surething Symbols font where 'p' is and 'C' is ©, or try the instructions here: "The audio copyright symbol (phonogram)" for how to create one, it seems to work in some applications.

I have now discovered that the following fonts include the sound recording copyright symbol :

fonts with sound recording symbol

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